Keep Your Coffee Black

Every morning, millions of people indulge in caffeine-packed cups of coffee. From adding sweeteners to various creamers, people build the ultimate sugary snack in liquid form. Coffee has its pros and cons, but above all – keeps us stimulated and alert. No matter how repugnant the taste may be, we need our fix. The downside that coffee has is accruing too many additives, thereby mitigating its positive effects.

Black coffee is known to counteract the effects of type 2 diabetes. Since it’s virtually devoid of any calories, the benefits are tremendous: faster metabolism, less appetite due to an increase in serotonin, and provides antioxidants which clean out the liver. A diet consisting of water and black coffee for the primaries of the liquid you ingest, will accelerate your weight loss aspirations.

Avoiding additives is imperative. The unnecessary calorie accretion is not conducive to breaking down bodily fat , and, in turn, only makes the body work harder to burn off the excess intake. So the next time you choose to purchase coffee — go black.

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