Keep Your Coffee Black

Every morning, millions of people indulge in caffeine-packed cups of coffee. From adding sweeteners to various creamers, people build the ultimate sugary snack in liquid form. Coffee has its pros and cons, but above all – keeps us stimulated and alert. No matter how repugnant the taste may be, we need our fix. The downside that coffee has is accruing too many additives, thereby mitigating its positive effects.

Black coffee is known to counteract the effects of type 2 diabetes. Since it’s virtually devoid of any calories, the benefits are tremendous: faster metabolism, less appetite due to an increase in serotonin, and provides antioxidants which clean out the liver. A diet consisting of water and black coffee for the primaries of the liquid you ingest, will accelerate your weight loss aspirations.

Avoiding additives is imperative. The unnecessary calorie accretion is not conducive to breaking down bodily fat , and, in turn, only makes the body work harder to burn off the excess intake. So the next time you choose to purchase coffee — go black.

Lack Of Sleep

Ever wonder what it’s like to wonder what it’s like to wonder? Yep. Another night passes where sleep seems esoteric; a complexed system where I can’t seem to grasp the nuances. Beleaguered by an endless thought-continuum, thinking has become tiresome, literally. This is the fifth night in a row where I’ve gotten less than 4 hours of sleep. Consequently, everything around me seems uncomfortable. My eyes are open but I’m not sure if they should be.

A lack of sleep comes at a heavy cost; you virtually constrict yourself of all your potential. Here’s some things I immediately felt upon waking up this morning: my heart felt to be in slight flutter, my attention span was short and scattered, my decision-making wasn’t as sharp as normal, and my appetite was extremely insatiable. These apparent changes in brain chemistry are hazardous, and can really decrease one’s mood or outlook on things. The old axiom: “sleep on it,” has a positive connotation that can really affect the way we choose to decide things. Essentially, our brains sift out toxins, consolidate important information, and prepare us for upcoming decisions that we may not have enough conscious time for. This brain is dutifully working even when our bodies aren’t. So why am I jumping through hoops?

Maybe I’m just ignorant. Maybe I understand the deleterious effects of sleep deprivation and am willing to live an enervated lifestyle. Maybe, us as a nation, love the thrill of doing things the last minute, so we sleep-procrastinate because we seek thrills and anything mundane will not be tolerated. Maybe the technology era has crushed all dreams of sleeping. Maybe my grammar & punctuation is objectionably bad while I’m typing this from an exhausted brain. Maybe we’ll change the status quo on sleep and continue to stumble through life from the vantage point of a foggy window.

We all know the importance of sleep. We all know that it can lead to many maladies and most frighteningly, death.
When will we regiment ourselves to routinely follow a “perfect night’s sleep” rubric. Maybe soon, but by then, I hope it’s not too late.