Three Reasons to Fall In Love With Exercise

Activity is better than dormancy. We’ve all been immersed by health and fitness commercials, reminding us of the importance of staying busy, physically and mentally. Here’s some concise insight on how exercise truly does benefit you…


1. You’ll live longer

Regularly exercising can extend your life up to seven years, and eating correctly can even bump up that number. Take heed at how many elders are incessantly burning calories in the gym, exploring the vestiges of virility they still have left in them. We all want to live as long as possible; what good is a successful life if you end yours early only because of the unwillingness to acquiesce to a healthy way of living? Whether it’s Crossfit, Pilates, yoga, basketball, tennis, lifting, walking, jogging, or spinning, any of these avenues of exercise will pay major dividends to having a longer life. It’s about putting in the time and staying faithful to your regiment. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is one that calls for the grave prematurely. Most of us are confined to a sitting position, which is the antithesis of being active and upbeat. Not only does our lack of posture awareness create back problems, but in general it’s hazardous to our health. Recent studies proclaim that even with good physical activity habits, remaining sedentary and on one’s butt for excessive hours can lead the way to death and disease. Physiologically, exercise can curtail muscle atrophy, improve the brain’s plasticity, and lessen cardiovascular risks just from allocating a scant 20 minutes a day to working out.

2. Boosts energy and lowers anxiety

When your body is in the midst of strenuous activity, the body’s oxygen circulation is maximally churning to dole out all the appropriate nutrients that get the body aroused; accruing a faster metabolism will instantly have you feeling your oats. The more adept you become at working out, the easier it will be, giving you the ability to maintain higher bouts of output for longer periods of time. This yields a better sex life, higher levels of concentration, and expands cognitive retention, which leads to more productivity in the workplace. Also, the increased release of endorphins keeps a worrying mind at ease. For example, in terms of depression, exercise acts as a therapeutic remedy when drifting off to the land of expending kinetic energy and stymieing the release of the daunting stress hormone “cortisol.”

3. Improves quality of life

Once you begin to fall in love with exercising you’ll instantly be bombarded by feelings of exuberance, higher self-esteem, and a rise in willpower. You’ll notice that you’re capable of things you once thought were not possible. A rigorous daily routine will keep your brain as sharp as a tack and your temperament will remain bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to tackle whatever it is you want to achieve in life. Keeping your brain highly active can stave off the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s. All the aforementioned qualities that you’ll develop lead to more happiness and less dissatisfaction with what one has accomplished. With a salubrious state of mind, you never feel burdened by feelings of stress, and can go through life with a clear vision of what to value. Things will suddenly fall in place because you pride yourself on remaining healthy. Good moods elicit creativity and better relationships regardless of any situation. Knowing that you thoroughly reduce your chances of disease elevates your state of wellness, and with a hale physique you can progress in many different domains of life.


Photo Courtesy of Louis Crispo

1 thought on “Three Reasons to Fall In Love With Exercise

  1. Exercising outdoors is even better for anxiety and depression. Lots of studies done have shown that an outdoor exercise routine, even just walking a few times a week, can do as much for depression as prescriptions. Plus, only good side effects with exercise which is certainly not the case with Rxs 🙂

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